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Established in 1984, BLANDFORD engineering has cultivated an unsurpassed reputation for practical engineering design, based on years of experience.

Starting from just a conversation or a customer’s thumbnail sketch, we develop workable solutions which, prior to build, can be fully visualised using 3D CAD modelling, tested using basic FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and even animated with all the physical characteristics in place. On leaving the design stage our customers can be certain that any proposal will work as described.

Our portfolio is large and varied. The images, right, relate to a few of the highlights from the past few years. The skills of BLANDFORD Engineering have been tested all over the world.

We designed a heat shield for the derek of a drilling rig stationed off the north coast of Australia. In conjunction with one of our regular clients the rig was visited, designs drawn, production completed and installed on time and within budget.

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